Departures October Japan Tour



Departures are touring Japan in October. Check out the dates below after the jump.

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"I never needed a brand new start
Just a different heart

I used to think about where we’d meet 
Could we meet outside of what we used to be 
Like the summer that fades so quickly

I used to think about where we’d be 
Could we meet outside of everything 
The summer fades so quickly, 
It loses all of its beauty

Green turns to red, then turns to gold
And the summer air, it grows so cold.”


Departures - Small Steps

When I pretend your hand is in mine,

I pretend our steps are together,

I pretend everything is fine.

I pretend that we’re lost in eachother.

For a moment I catch your stare,

And that moment lasts forever,

I pretend everything is fine,

I pretend we’re lost in eachother.

Departures Japan Tour 2014

So we’re touring Japan in October, we can’t wait

8th - Koriyama, Fukushima @ Peak Action
9th - Hatagaya, Tokyo @ Heavy Sick
10th - Numazu, Shizuoka @ Speak EZ
11th - Kyoto @ Gattaca*
12th - Nagoya @ Club Zion*
13th - Shinjuku, Tokyo @ Nine Spices*